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Skyscraper roof covered with vegetation

The Age of Eco Green Roofs

Skyscraper roof covered with vegetation

Skyscraper roof covered with vegetation

The eco-friendly roofing trend is growing more and more pronounced throughout America. Breaking up the monotony of black and gravel roofs, eco roofs offer numerous benefits, both environmental and economical. Here, McDonald & Wetle explains some of the ways eco green roofing can give your business a boost.

What Is Eco Green Roofing?

An eco roof is a rooftop that supports vegetation without altering the building’s infrastructure, with typically flat or sloped designs to promote optimal growth. Green roof systems consist of varying layers that absorb stormwater, improve drainage, and allow plants to grow. This option puts your business’ roof to better use, as well as provides an attractive façade for urban buildings and solutions to traditional roofing problems.

How Eco Green Roofs Became Popular

Modern green roof systems originated in Germany in the 1960s and quickly spread across Europe, only recently becoming popular in the United States in the last few decades. In urban environments, green roofs help to improve air quality and can even help to reduce the urban heat island effect that stifles many cities. Chicago, for example, even offers benefits and incentives to encourage local green rooftop projects. As the popularity of green roofs continues to grow, the American roofing industry expects to see a significant increase in sustainable roofing.

Benefits of Eco Green Roofs

Green roofs undeniably enhance the visuals of any space, but they also offer numerous environmental and economical benefits. For one, choosing sustainable roofing is a great way to show your business’ commitment to greener practices. Eco roofs can also promote healthier spaces in the following ways:

Environmental Benefits

  • Stormwater mitigation: Green roofs can retain significant amounts of rainfall. This helps to both enhance their ecosystem and reduce stormwater runoff that may cause flooding.
  • Habitat creation: Green roofs create an environment for surrounding wildlife. By installing one, you can easily turn a barren rooftop into a bustling ecosystem.
  • Enhanced air quality: A green roof’s plants not only produce oxygen but also remove harmful air particles.

Economical Benefits

  • Energy efficiency: Green roofs offer an insulating layer that assists in protecting the roof membrane from UV radiation and harsh weather. This also means that heat and cold are less likely to escape, helping to maintain temperature control and reduce energy costs.
  • Long-term use: Eco-friendly roof systems offer an extended lifespan that contributes to reduced repair and replacement costs. A green roof can last up to 50 years, longer than many other roofing options.

Explore Eco Green Roofing Options in Portland or Seattle

Eco-friendly roofs provide an easy way for every customer to see that your business is committed to green resources. McDonald & Wetle has been at the forefront of roofing installation trends since 1921, including with eco green roofs. Contact us today in Seattle or Portland to discuss eco roof options for your commercial building.


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