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Commercial buildings differ from residential ones in many ways, including the type of roof and the roofing materials that are needed.

Since most commercial buildings have flat or minimally sloped roofs, traditional roofing materials are not suitable. Additionally, commercial roofs are often used for alternative purposes, such as storing heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment, that require specific commercial roofing materials. Several options for commercial roofing are described below.

Built-up roof

A built-up roof consists of layers of various materials including fabrics, mat and felt held together with bitumen. The finishing is done with a water-resistant coating or a mineral cap sheet. The roof is resistant to weather and the elements as well as to tears and punctures.

Green roofs

This type of commercial roofing material is becoming popular in urban areas because it reduces heat and offers a green environment for people to visit. It involves covering some or all of the roof in soil and a living vegetation over a waterproof membrane.

Green roofs lower the energy bill as a result of natural cooling and last two to three times longer than traditional roofs.

Modified bitumen

This commercial roofing consists of asphalt reinforced with fiberglass or polyester. It is perfect for frequently used roofs because it offers great resistance against foot traffic. It comes in various types with varying durability and temperature resistance.

EPDM roofing/single ply

This popular single-ply rubber roofing is used for commercial buildings as well as recreational vehicles and motor homes. It is highly durable and resistant to ultraviolet and ozone rays, weathering and abrasion. It is also environmentally friendly.

The key to choosing a roofing material that meets the needs of your commercial building lies in having the right roofing expert. At McDonald & Wetle, we have consistently provided unparalleled roofing services. Backed by a century of experience, we have handled every roofing system possible with utmost perfection. Our experts will work with you from start to finish to ensure you get the best commercial roofing materials that meet your needs. Contact our office in Seattle metro area or Portland metro area to learn more.

Solar-panel roofs

Solar panels can be installed on top of any number of roofing systems. Either on rack systems, or directly adhered to the roofing material. This converts what was dead space and wasted energy into a powerful way to generate electricity and reduce operating costs. The initial panels can be quite expensive to install and maintain. We recommend working with a solar panel provider to lease or offset these costs with the utility company.

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