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Corporate and social responsibility

McDonald & Wetle Inc recognizes that it has responsibilities to all stakeholders. This includes the interests of employees and their families; the need to foster McDonald & Wetle Inc’s business relationships with partners, customers, suppliers and others; and the impact of McDonald & Wetle Inc’s operations on the local communities and surrounding environment where it operates. Our employees are highly regarded and valued, and their employment and rights are respected. All employees are required to act honestly, fairly and with integrity. McDonald & Wetle Inc is committed to the important principle of equal opportunity which is reflected in our recruitment, disciplinary and grievance policies.

McDonald & Wetle Inc is dedicated to supplying roofs of the highest quality to meet our customers’ requirements in a manner that is consistent with high environmental and ethical standards. McDonald & Wetle makes contributions to local charities, schools, and communities in areas where it operates its businesses.

Environmental impact and energy use

At McDonald & Wetle Inc, we are always conscious of our environmental impact, in the selection of the products we use, in our means and methods of getting them installed, and our operations at our facilities.

Our Portland facility was recently upgraded to maximize space and minimize energy consumption in lighting and HVAC. During the project, we reused much of the construction materials from the demolition.

Our fleet is being upgraded to the latest in low emission vehicles.

At both facilities, we have reduced materials ordered and stored, to minimize consumption of resources in production and the environmental effects of storing them.


We encourage our employees to recycle their day to day waste. We do this by ensuring there are recycling bins for cardboard and non-confidential materials and separate confidential bags in every office, all of which are recycled. There are also recycling bins in our shops and loading areas. Energy saving measures are also in place for recycling components, such as toner cartridges, surplus packaging, and paper. All cardboard, wooden boxes, pallets, packaging, buckets, drink cans and plastic bottles are currently recycled.


McDonald & Wetle Inc recognizes that its reputation and success depends upon the efforts, integrity, and commitment of its people. Employee engagement with the whole company is a priority and there are a number of communication channels in place to help employees develop their knowledge of the business. These channels include regular presentations by Quality Control, our Safety Department as well as third-party safety compliance companies. We send our employees to manufacturers plants and industry seminars to receive additional training. We meet regularly with all levels of employees to cover McDonald & Wetle Inc’s performance, strategy, vision and operational developments.

Academic outreach and sponsorship

We have linked up with local colleges and trade schools which reflect our skillset. McDonald & Wetle Inc offers a wide range of other incentives to young people varying from the sponsorship of related courses or events at local schools; giving scholarship awards to the apprenticeship program, and advocating for continuing education from the local labor union.


McDonald & Wetle Inc acknowledges the importance and contribution of its employees and values people from all cultures, nationalities, religion, and ethnicities irrespective of characteristics such as age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or physical or mental disability. The Group is committed to building a diverse organization to maximize the skills available to us in the communities in which we operate. We ensure that we follow best practices and have adopted employment policies across Oregon & Washington, based on equal opportunities for all employees and these are implemented from the point of recruitment and continue throughout the employees’ career with McDonald & Wetle Inc.

We recognize that construction has been predominately a male workforce. McDonald & Wetle Inc has made it a focus and have increased the percentage of females in roofing and recognize that we must continue to increase the proportion of female staff at all levels of our organization.

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