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Hot Sun And Thermometer Indicate High Temperatures

How Much Thermal Shock is Your Roof at Risk of?

By- McDonald & Wetle
Thermal shock is only one of many climate-related sources of roof damage, but it’s one of the most common. High temperatures cause material to expand and contract. Over time, this shift leads to cracks, buckling, and worse. If you own...

Aerial View Of A Warehouse

The Relationship between Commercial Roofing and Building Shape

By- McDonald & Wetle
There’s much more to choosing a roof than simply selecting the least expensive or most attractive option. In fact, finding the right roof design for a commercial building depends on many factors, including the property’s shape. Here, McDonald & Wetle...

HVAC Equipment On Flat Roof

The Importance of Load Capacity for Your Commercial Roof

By- McDonald & Wetle
As a commercial property owner, you know the details about every aspect of your building. For safety’s sake, that knowledge must include load capacity when installing a new roof. Understanding commercial roof load capacity helps prevent structural failure to protect...

Mold On Flat Commercial Roof

Signs of Mold Growing in a Commercial Roof

By- McDonald & Wetle
You might worry about wind and the elements damaging your roof, but there’s another natural enemy every commercial property owner should be aware of: mold. Because it can appear overnight and spread just as quickly, you must act immediately if...

Firefighter on roof of building with smoke

How Composition Roofing Resists Fire

By- McDonald & Wetle
Just like any industry, roofing trends are subject to change depending on the needs of the consumer. Due to several factors, McDonald & Wetle is seeing the demand for fire-resistant roofing become a priority. For many business owners, an ideal...

Slate roof tiles on wood frame

Buildings Ideal for Slate and Clay Tile Roofing

By- McDonald & Wetle
Slate and clay tile roofing styles offer numerous benefits to commercial buildings that have been utilized for centuries. One of those benefits is that these tiles are aesthetically pleasing and offer sleek curb appeal to a vast number of building...

Rainwater and debris on roof

Your Roof’s Protection against Windstorm Debris

By- McDonald & Wetle
Modern commercial roofing is expertly designed to defend against the elements. However, all roofs need a bit of extra preparation and care when it comes to severe windstorms. Through nearly 100 years of service to the Seattle and Portland metro...

Worker repairing commercial roof

Preparing for the Early Signs of Wear in Modified Built-Up Roofing

By- McDonald & Wetle
Spotting wear and tear on a built-up as soon as it occurs can help support the longevity of your facility’s roof and keep you ahead of any needed repairs. Subsequently, regular inspections and repairs are an integral part of sustaining...

Commercial roof being built

Ensuring Your Built-Up Roofing Has Been Properly Installed

By- McDonald & Wetle
When you invest in any type of roofing, you want to know the job is done right, and built-up roofing is no different. Though this style of roof is incredibly common among commercial businesses, not all jobs are done equally....

Solar panels in front of sunset

Is Solar Roofing Financially Stable?

By- McDonald & Wetle
With solar roofing widely available throughout the United States, solar energy is no longer a thing of the future. There’s good reason to consider switching to this sustainable solution, but many questions are bound to arise, such as: How much...

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