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Skyscraper roof covered with vegetation

The Age of Eco Green Roofs

By- McDonald & Wetle
The eco-friendly roofing trend is growing more and more pronounced throughout America. Breaking up the monotony of black and gravel roofs, eco roofs offer numerous benefits, both environmental and economical. Here, McDonald & Wetle explains some of the ways eco...

Worker On Roof

Your Commercial Roof’s Relationship with Energy Savings

By- McDonald & Wetle
The roof affects your building’s energy efficiency more than you might realize. With its large surface area and exposure to the elements, the roof has a large impact on your energy bills every month. With this in mind, there is...

Puddle Of Water From Leaking Roof

Catching leaks in your commercial roof

By- McDonald & Wetle
At first, you may credit it to condensation or a faulty pipe, but a leaking commercial roof can be the first sign of much larger problems with your building. This is an issue that needs to be addressed as early...

Commercial Building With Built-Up Roofing

Hot or Cold: Determining Your Choice for Built-Up Roofing

By- McDonald & Wetle
With so many choices for roofing available, built-up roofing may be on your list of options. But did you know that there are several methods for application that are classified as either hot or cold? At McDonald & Wetle, we...

Historic Brick Buildings In A Small Town

Challenges of Replacing Roofs on Historic Buildings

By- McDonald & Wetle
On most buildings, replacing the roof means a fairly routine removal and installation process will take place. But when it comes to roof replacement on historic buildings, the project goes far beyond the average. Many additional considerations must be made,...

Flat roof of commercial building

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a New Commercial Roof

By- McDonald & Wetle
When it comes to choosing a new commercial roof, the smallest mistakes can end up causing big problems. It’s always best to turn to a reputable roofing contractor with extensive experience to help you avoid common mistakes and ensures the project...

Large school building with parking lot in forefront

Keys To Safe And Secure Roofing For Schools

By- McDonald & Wetle
Whether you run a public, private, or charter school, college, or university, school officials have a responsibility to keep students and faculty safe, which can be a challenge when your roof needs repairs or replacement. A professional roofing contractor understands...

Person using a nail gun installing asphalt roof

Breaking Down the Hazards That Can Wear On Your Commercial Roof

By- McDonald & Wetle
While all roofs naturally age, there are numerous hazards that can prematurely damage your roof and cause leaks that put your building’s interiors at risk. At McDonald & Wetle, we’ve provided comprehensive commercial roofing maintenance and repair to the Portland...

Building with a beautiful clay tile roof

Summarized Commercial Roofing History: From Slopes To Flats

By- McDonald & Wetle
The roof on your building shelters your interior and its occupants from the elements, so it plays a vital role in protecting your investment. Due to this importance, roofing materials have evolved to increase strength, longevity, and overall performance. Explore...

Toolbelt and nail gun laying on unfinished roof

When To Consider A Commercial Roof Replacement

By- McDonald & Wetle
If you know your business's roof hasn't been replaced for many years, it can be stressful when you find a problem with it, since it likely means a replacement is on the horizon. Repair Vs. Replacement In general, our roofers...

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