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A small rural church building with a new roof

Your church roof is an important foundation for your entire facility. Not only does it provide you a defense against the elements, but a roof that’s in good condition can also help your facility save on its electric bills. Because your roof is a big investment, we know how important it is to speak with someone you trust. If your building needs a new roof, we at McDonald & Wetle can help you decide on which church roofing system best suits the needs of your congregation. Once you decide, you can rest assured we are dedicated to the safety and comfort of your congregation.

Roof Design

Many places of worship have specially designed roof systems with steep gradients, acute angles, complex shapes and high elevations and spires. Designing and constructing these types of roofs requires the experience and skill of a well-trained commercial roofing company. With over 98 years in the roofing industry, McDonald & Wetle knows how to address the structural requirements these types of buildings require. Whether you’re planning on adding a steeple to an existing structure or you’re ready to build a new church and relocate to a new property, we can help. Not only do our technicians have the expertise to get the job done, but we also have the right equipment, including scaffolding, man lifts, cranes and material hoists. The number of years we’ve spent on the job has given us the training, experience and distinctive edge to get the job done right.

Church Roofing Maintenance And Repair

Maintaining your church roof can help your facility avoid costly damage to your furnishings and your church supplies and belongings. Regular maintenance can also prevent more extensive repairs in the future. From replacing a few shingles to repairing storm damage or a complete roof replacement, our experienced installers can give your church a new look and ensure years of use.

Historical church buildings often require a special level of care. Our team of roofers is trained and comes complete with safety equipment and climbing gear, which makes it possible for users to work on tall public structures easily.

Available Options

We have several options available for roofing systems for churches. Most commercial buildings have flat roofs or a low slope because they’re easier to install, less expensive to maintain and budget-friendly for churches that are just getting started. Sloped roofs are more aesthetically appealing and can be constructed from a variety of substances. Regardless of the project and your building specifications, we can provide you with the best sheet metal material that fits both your roofing budget and building needs.

In addition, sheet metal roofing is a durable and highly resistant option. It holds up well to most weather conditions, is fire resistant and can last up to three times longer than an asphalt shingle roof. Also, most sheet metal options require little or no maintenance.

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Whether you’re building a new facility or you want to repair your existing structure, we can help. Contact McDonald & Wetle at 503-667-0175 in Portland and 253-589-8999 in Seattle for all your commercial roofing needs. You can also email one of our estimators on how to obtain a quote for your next project. We work around your worship schedule to eliminate interruptions. We offer detailed estimates and flexible payment options, and we are fully licensed for your protection.

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