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A man installs solar panels on a roofOver the years, many Pacific Northwest businesses have sought ways to go green, and McDonald & Wetle has helped a number of area companies make their facilities more eco-friendly with solar roofing. Installing solar roof tiles is a simple process that offers many of the same qualities provided by other commercial roofing solutions, as well as financial and environmental benefits. To see if your building is a good candidate for solar roofing, reach out to McDonald & Wetle today.

How Solar Roofing Works

Installing a solar roof is a simple way to get all the benefits of conventional roofing, plus effortless energy savings. Solar roof tiles look and function like traditional roofing materials, but they have the added capability of turning solar energy into electricity that can be utilized directly by your business. Each tile consists of several complex solar cells designed to absorb the maximum amount of sunlight possible. And while solar absorption is their primary function, these panels are built for strength and resistance to the elements, protecting their cells and your building’s underlying structure.


Choosing to go solar is a great first step toward improved energy efficiency. However, it’s important to work with a trusted contractor with extensive experience in solar roofing. Additionally, your installer must also understand the unique demands of commercial and industrial properties. When you choose McDonald & Wetle, we’ll begin the process by conducting a full analysis of your building, pre-mapping the overall design and layout. Once we’ve explained your options, our technicians will work with you to choose the best solutions for your needs.

That communication continues throughout the installation process, because we place the highest priority on customer satisfaction and building lasting relationships with each client. We’ll be there to keep you informed and offer all the details you need to make the most of your new solar roof, as well as to provide any necessary maintenance and repairs along the way.

Invest in Solar Roofing

With so many financial and environmental benefits, it’s easy to see why solar roofing is a smart choice for many Pacific Northwest businesses. If you’re interested in upgrading your commercial or industrial property with solar roofing, contact McDonald & Wetle today in Seattle or Portland for more information and answers to your most important questions.

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