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Industrial roof with solar panelsIt’s hard to miss the increase in solar panels on area homes and farmland. But solar roofs also offer many benefits for commercial and industrial properties as well, helping you go green and save on utilities. If you’re interested in learning more about solar benefits for businesses in the Seattle and Portland metro areas, McDonald & Wetle offers expert commercial solar roofing installation to accommodate your needs.

Turning Sun into Savings

Our commercial clients report an excellent return on investment from their solar roofs and are pleasantly surprised with the affordability of the installation, as rooftop solar panels utilize the building’s existing structure and require minimal additional materials. But perhaps the best benefit of equipping your business with solar energy is the ability to drastically lower or even eliminate electric bills.

Beyond reducing utility costs, you’ll find even more ways to save money with solar roofing. Businesses who opt for solar roofs can expect:

  • Increased property value
  • Monetary credits on your utility bill for any solar power generated
  • A system lifespan of up to 35 years
  • Government incentives, including a 30 percent tax credit on the cost of the solar roofing system’s installation
  • Little to no maintenance after installation, saving your company even more in the long run

Given all the ways solar can help you save, it’s easy to see how your initial investment pays off again and again over time.

Environmentally Friendly

Aside from saving money, your business will also become a driving force in helping to preserve the environment and reduce your ecological footprint. Converting the sun’s powerful rays into efficient energy also helps reduce reliance on fossil fuels that emit pollutants into the atmosphere and deplete the planet’s natural resources. This makes solar roofing a great way to demonstrate your commitment to greener choices and lead the way to a healthier planet within your community.

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McDonald & Wetle are the area’s leading experts in environmentally conscious roofing, from eco-friendly green roofs to energy saving solar roofs. And with decades of experience serving commercial and industrial clients, we understand how to tailor these roofing solutions to the needs of your business. Contact us today in Portland or Seattle to get started.

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