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A high-rise apartment building

Nobody wants to live in a building that has a leaky roof, so when you need an apartment roofing installation, call the experts at McDonald & Wetle. We serve clients throughout Oregon and Washington from our Portland and Seattle locations with comprehensive high-rise and apartment roofing services you can count on to protect your investment and the safety of your tenants. Depending on the building’s size, shape, age and architecture, our experienced roofing contractors determine the best roofing system. We excel in providing high-quality, comprehensive commercial roofing solutions regardless of the type of apartment building you have.

Apartment Roofing Installation Challenges

A sound roof protects your real estate investment and means the difference between ongoing repair issues and achieving a dry, comfortable home for your tenants. Roofing installations on apartment complexes are often complicated with many challenges to complete the project with as little inconvenience to your tenants as possible. We strive to minimize disruptions, and our advanced technology and equipment enable us to work efficiently and replace your roof quickly. We ensure your tenants can get safely to and from the building during installation and still produce a quality product without the need to evacuate. Not every roofing firm can deal with large-scale roofing projects, but our experience and successful completion of numerous multi-family projects makes us first-rate.

High-Rise And Apartment Roofing Options

Like many commercial roofing projects, an apartment building may utilize a variety of roofing materials, depending on the slope of the roof. Whether your roof is flat or pitched plays a big role in your roofing options. For apartment complexes with flat or nearly flat roofs, your roofing options include:

  • Built-up roofing(BUR) systems utilize multiple layers of industrial felt, fabric or paper applied with hot coal tar or asphalt and topped with gravel or crushed stone. Each additional layer installed can increase the life expectancy of your roof. BUR systems are a cost-effective option that provides excellent waterproofing qualities.
  • Modified built-upor modified bitumen roofing systems have thicker membranes with sheets that include additional polymers, which are rolled on after being heated with a blowtorch to provide a good seal. These systems resist abrasion, punctures, hail and fire and offer favorable wind uplift, leak resistance and a reflectivity that keeps your building cooler.
  • Single-ply roofingis fast and easy to install utilizing a synthetic rubber EPDM or vinyl-based PVC or TPO membrane. These systems reflect 85% of the sun, which make them an ideal choice for keeping your energy costs to a minimum. They also offer excellent waterproofing capabilities and resist hail and high winds.

Any apartment building roof with a slope greater than 3/12th isn’t suitable for flat roofing systems, so we suggest composition shingles or clay or natural slate tiles, depending on your budget, the difficulty of installation and aesthetic choices. Roofing options for sloped roofs include:

  • Composition roofingmaterials include three-tab, laminate or architectural shingles with a fiberglass reinforcing mat to help make them waterproof. Shingles are the least expensive choice but are still highly durable and come in a wide array of colors, styles and textures to match your desired look.
  • Slate roofing and clay tile roofing both offer energy-efficient insulation qualities that help keep interior temperatures more comfortable. These roofing systems are more expensive but are nearly maintenance-free and resistant to fire and pests. Both are appropriate for roofs with slopes of 4/12th and greater and require the building to have sufficient load-bearing capacity for the heavier material. Clay titles offer a distinctive style that adds architectural style to your building, especially if you’re looking for a Mediterranean flair. Natural slate tiles add elegance to high-rise apartment complexes and are especially popular for historic buildings.
  • Another highly durable and resistant option to consider is sheet metal. Resistant to fire as well as most weather conditions, it can also last up to three times longer than an asphalt shingle roof and requires little or no maintenance.

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If you want to be a trendsetter and/or promote your environmentally friendly practices, you can also opt for Eco Green roofing or what’s often referred to as a “living roof.” These systems have seen a surge in popularity due to improved stormwater management and increased biodiversity. Green roofs are built by installing a waterproofing membrane, which is then covered with soil and vegetation.

Apartment Roofing Installation Experts

No matter your high-rise or apartment roofing needs, our roofing experts carefully explain all your options to find the best solution based on your roof and your budget. Whether you’re constructing a new apartment building or replacing an existing building’s roof, we’ve got you covered. Contact us in Seattle, Washington, at 253-589-8999 or in Portland, Oregon, at 503-667-0175 for your roofing quote today.

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