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Water on a commercial building roof

A commercial building must withstand daily wear and tear from the elements, and the roof is one of the most crucial components to maintaining the integrity of its structure. To avoid water damage from obstructing business and damaging valuable equipment and office supplies, McDonald & Wetle offers comprehensive commercial roof waterproofing services throughout the Portland and Seattle metro areas. Taking advantage of these services can help owners extend the lifespan of their building, as well as fight deterioration and prevent water from seeping inside.

What Is Waterproofing?

When it comes to the roofs of commercial buildings, waterproofing is the process of applying a protective seal to the roof’s exterior to prevent water from entering. The seal is created with a specially-formulated coating that covers the entire surface of the roof. This process includes special attention to important areas like seams, corners, and penetrations like pipes and vents, where water can more easily access the interior.

This barrier makes all the difference in protecting the exterior and interior integrity of the entire building – especially climates where it rains often, such as the Pacific Northwest. In addition, the process can be completed as both a proactive or reactive measure, so if you have experienced an issue in the past, waterproofing your roof can help prevent further complications in the future.

Benefits of Our Services

The main benefit of waterproofing your commercial roof is preventing water from reaching the inside of the building. But that is only the stem of the potential issues that unwelcome moisture can bring. For instance, water inside your building can cause the growth of mold, which is usually accompanied by an unpleasant odor and can create negative health effects on people inside.

Water and its related damage can also attract rodents and other pests, creating infestations that are hard to eradicate. And when leaks begin, and water collects into puddles, it can damage valuable equipment and inventory that is stored inside the building. These issues make it clear that commercial roof waterproofing can go a long way in ensuring that daily operations run smoothly.

Our Process

Waterproofing a commercial roof involves a few important steps that must be completed to make certain that the coating is effective. First, the surface of the roof has to be deeply cleaned. This will remove any debris and dirt that can interfere with the application of the coating. After its surface is thoroughly cleaned, the roof will be primed to create a strong bond between the roof and the adhesive. Then, the coating will be applied carefully with a predetermined thickness across the surface, so the roof’s membrane does not fail prematurely.

Trusted Expertise

With almost 100 years of serving the Seattle and Portland metro areas, McDonald & Wetle has the experience and skills required to deliver high-quality commercial roof waterproofing services. If your roof is suffering from another issue, our extensive maintenance and repair services will be sure to restore it to its normal state. To learn more, please contact either of our offices in Lakewood, Washington or Portland, Oregon.

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