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People hold a small amount of soil with a plant growing from itEco-awareness has grown from a cause for a few select groups to an integral part of corporate and social responsibility. Companies in construction, transportation, manufacturing and other industries have become more aware of their environmental impact and the need to mitigate it.

At McDonald & Wetle Inc., we recognize and embrace the responsibilities we have to our valued stakeholders:

  • Employees and their families, who make up our greatest asset
  • Customers, suppliers and other partners in the business world
  • Local communities that welcome us into their areas

Our commitment to sustainability runs through all aspects of our business, including product offerings and company practices.

Reducing Our Impact

Caring for the environment involves more than random or temporary actions. We have scrutinized our operations from top to bottom and made profound changes to minimize our environmental impact.

  • Our Portland facility received a major upgrade, including lighting and HVAC systems designed to reduce energy consumption. Many of the post-demolition building materials were reused in the new construction.
  • Our fleet is being upgraded to incorporate the most current low-emission and alternate fueled vehicles.
  • Both our Portland and Seattle facilities are selecting materials with an eye toward sustainability. We are ordering in lower quantities to save on consumption of resources in production as well as storage.
  • Both Portland and Seattle Facilities are ordering materials from local manufacturers or ordering in arrangements where any truck delivering materials is fully utilizing its capacity. Our sustainable building starts before materials have even left the factory.
  • Our facilities carefully monitor their storm water runoff.  Our facilities filter our storm drains with BioChar filters to protect stream habitat.


McDonald & Wetle Inc. recognizes that construction waste is a massive problem.  65% of all waste created is from Construction & Demolition (C&D).  And according to the EPA over 13 million tons of roofing debris will be generated just this year!  McDonald & Wetle sorts and organizes waste materials and debris for recycling as they are being removed.  Scrap material is utilized whenever possible and extra material is donated to local rebuilt it centers.  Up to 90% of roofing debris can be recycled!  Our facilities are moving to paper free environments.  We also follow established programs for recycling materials such as toner cartridges, pallets, and packaging.  Our shop also recycles all used vehicle oils and fluids.

Green Roofing

Installing a sustainable roof from McDonald & Wetle Inc. is a significant step you can take to save the environment. Roofing sustainability improves stormwater management, improves air quality and insulates the building.

In addition, green roofs have a longer life span thanks to less wear and tear from the elements. Sustainable roofing has a more pleasing aesthetic quality and shows the local community your commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Roofing Sustainability: The Time Is Now

At McDonald & Wetle Inc., we practice what we preach. Environmental awareness informs all of our operations, whether it’s in-house, training our employees, or working with our clients. Contact us to learn more about how we’re making our contribution to a sustainable future.

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