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Educating our children is one of the most important tasks we have, but it’s difficult to learn in a building that’s less than sound. Whether you’re building a new facility or refurbishing an existing one, it’s important to invest in a high-quality school roofing installation. At McDonald & Wetle, that’s just what we do best.

School Roofing Installation Options

School buildings fall under the category of commercial builds, which can be further categorized into two roofing types:

  • Flat roofs are those with low or no slope. Commonly used in buildings in the industrial and medical sector where wide roof spans are the norm, flat roofs typically call for either a built-up roof system (BUR) or single-ply roof system. Both are long-lasting and affordably priced, though the specific application used will vary.
  • Sloped roofs are most often found in historical buildings as well as stores and restaurants. Schools located in vintage buildings may also have sloped roofs. Installation options depend heavily on the exact pitch of the roof and how you want the finished project to look. Asphalt or composition singles are affordable and diverse in terms of color and pattern, while clay tiles are durable and more in keeping with Spanish- and Mediterranean-influenced architecture. For a long-lasting, natural look, slate tiles get top marks.

We also offer eco-green roofs and solar tiles, two environmentally friendly solutions helping all kinds of businesses embrace a new kind of construction.

Our team of experts can help you find the roof system best suited to your building, your budget and your aesthetic goals.

Maintenance And Repairs

The best way to preserve your new roof and delay future replacements is to commit to a maintenance program designed and executed by professionals. Roofing maintenance tends to be relegated to the “out of sight, out of mind” approach to commercial repairs. It’s hard to see problems until they force themselves into the spotlight via a sudden leak or severe structural integrity. By then, you’re facing costly repairs that could force your school to open late or even close due to concerns over safety and comfort.

McDonald & Wetle offers maintenance services designed prevent problems with roofing performance due to normal wear and tear and exposure to the elements. We can’t stop wind, rain, snow, hail and the sun’s rays from weakening roofing materials or depositing debris, but we can help clear out the mess and detect leaks and other damage before they have a chance to snowball into a larger issue.

Catering To School-Specific Needs

Unless we’re dealing with a new construction, we understand that your school may be in session when you request maintenance, repairs or a full upgrade. That’s why we do our best to protect students, staff and faculty by observing the highest standards of safety. We’ve built our McDonald & Wetle culture around safety and a commitment to conscientious work.

A large part of our success is due to measures such as:

  • Regular job site visits
  • Frequent safety audits
  • New employee training that includes safety orientation
  • Mandated yearly refresher courses
  • Daily pre-task plans
  • Site-specific job hazard analysis and safety plans
  • Background checked crews certified to work on K-12 projects.

About McDonald & Wetle

Our company was founded in 1921, when Jim McDonald and Roy Wetle launched their business in a small warehouse in East Portland. For nearly a century, we’ve weathered economic downturns and periods of incredible growth to become the well-respected, trustworthy family-run business we are today.

We’ve made a name for ourselves based on incredible customer service paired with a forward-thinking approach to roofing. We take care of everything from installation and replacement to waterproofing and maintenance, so you can concentrate on running your school rather than coping with running water.

Contact Our Office

For help planning your new roof or if you have questions about budgeting, maintenance or how our different roofing systems compare, call our office today. You can reach us at our Lakewood, WA, location, or call our Portland location at 503-667-0175.