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Roofing safetyWorking on a roof can pose numerous risks for permanent injury or death, especially from falls. Unpredictable fall hazards can cause even the most experienced roofers to slip. Steep pitches, surface traction conditions, poor material handling practices, environmental factors like wind and weather, and simple gravity all add to the risk of falls. Appropriate fall protection measures are vital to reduce these risks and protect workers’ lives. McDonald & Wetle provides roofing services throughout Oregon, Washington and beyond, and we believe in safety. No job is more important than human life, so we take steps to ensure our workers’ safety in every situation.

Safety From Falls

Falls account for many of the serious injuries and deaths that occur in the construction industry. Fall hazards lurk everywhere on a rooftop, so it’s crucial your company and your employees follow appropriate roofing safety to minimize everyone’s risk, including:

  • Keep work areas free of trip hazards, including misplaced tools, loose roofing materials and other debris.
  • Wear safe footwear with good traction.
  • Never work on wet surfaces or in high winds.
  • Properly place and anchor ladders and use appropriate climbing techniques.
  • Always use roofing safety equipment, especially when working on steeply pitched roofs.

Roofing safety equipment includes Personal Fall Arrest Systems. These are designed to safely stop a worker’s fall and include an anchorage rigged to a connector linked to a fully body harness worn by the worker. A deceleration device is also typically part of the system. Other safety devices may include horizontal lifelines, rope grabs, temporary guardrails and fall restraint systems.

We Play It Safe

Our company recognizes the dangers of working in the roofing industry and we’re committed to creating a safe working environment. We strive to eliminate as many hazards as we can to keep our people safe. Our full-time Corporate Safety Director has implemented numerous programs aimed at promoting safe working conditions, which include continuous training and education. These programs help reduce job site incidents and eliminate injuries. We regularly perform job site safety audits, and provide safety orientation for new employees and annual safety refresher courses for all employees. We also have an emphasis program on fall protection. Rooftop safety is everyone’s responsibility, and we take it seriously!

McDonald & Wetle can cater to all your roofing needs, safely and efficiently. Contact us in Seattle at 253-589-8999 or in Portland at 503-667-0175 to schedule your roofing project today!

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