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Now that environmental consciousness has become a part of everyday life, companies are making green practices a priority. Initiatives such as recycling and energy conservation are incorporated into regular business operations.

One significant way to go green may be literally over your head. Did you know that sustainable roof options are available that improve the environment while saving you money?

Here are the top advantages of installing a sustainable roof.

Improved Stormwater Management

Many experts consider stormwater management to be the most significant benefit of green roofs. Urban development has reduced the amount of green space, resulting in fewer surfaces to absorb rainwater. As rainwater runs into storm sewers the risk of overflow and erosion increases. Green roofs capture more than three times the amount of rainwater as conventional roofs.

Minimizes Urban Heat Island Effect

Paved surfaces in urban areas absorb solar rays and release them as heat, therefore adding several degrees to the local temperature. Green roofs absorb fewer rays, and what sun they do absorb is used to evaporate moisture from the plants, which actually reduces temperatures.

Provides Building Insulation

A side effect of the temperature-reducing function of green roofs is that less heat passes into the interior of the building, making air conditioning more efficient.

Improved Air Quality

Since carbon dioxide is a requirement for photosynthesis, plants help reduce excess levels of it in the air. Plants do consume some oxygen, but only about one-tenth of what they produce.

Extended Life Span

Layers of greenery protect the roof from wear and tear caused by weather elements. Sustainable roof options, when well-maintained, can double the functional life span of conventional roofs.

Stronger Community Relations

Use of sustainable roof options demonstrates a solid commitment to eco-friendly practices while improving the aesthetics of the local community.

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