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Large school building with parking lot in forefront

Keys To Safe And Secure Roofing For Schools

Large school building with parking lot in forefront

large school building with parking lot in forefront

Whether you run a public, private, or charter school, college, or university, school officials have a responsibility to keep students and faculty safe, which can be a challenge when your roof needs repairs or replacement. A professional roofing contractor understands the importance of safe and durable roofing for your school that provides a secure environment for your students and staff. Experienced contractors also work quickly, with the goal of causing as little disruption as possible. There are also other key factors to be aware of when dealing with school roofing.

Prioritize Safety

The safety of your students and faculty is the most important aspect of any school roofing project. When it comes to safe, secure school roofing, the strongest, longest-lasting materials are the best option. It’s also important to protect against damage during the project, such as ensuring water is kept out during construction. School officials should consult with a qualified school roofing contractor to discuss the standards and codes that apply to their facility and how safety will be prioritized during construction. To maximize safety, it’s always better to schedule roofing projects when students aren’t present, such as during a break. However, this isn’t always an option, so discuss appropriate safety measures with your roofing contractor to ensure they’ll take every precaution throughout the project. McDonald & Wetle uses the lowest odor emitting products and ensures that all employees are badged while on site.

Be Proactive With Maintenance

The roofing system is a major investment for any school district. The best way to preserve your new or existing roof, avoid premature replacements, and ensure the safety of your school building is to commit to a maintenance and repair program designed and executed by commercial roofing professionals. It’s difficult to see a problem with your roof until a sudden leak occurs, and by then, you may have issues with structural integrity that could cause your school to close due to concerns over safety and comfort. You’ll also be facing costly repairs that might have been avoided with a proactive maintenance program.

Discuss maintenance services with your roofing contractor to ensure these services are designed to prevent problems with school roofing performance due to exposure to the elements and general wear and tear. Routine tasks should include clearing off debris and detecting leaks and other damage before they escalate into larger problems.

McDonald & Wetle will work with each client throughout the process from initial budgeting to maintenance and future re-roofs as needed.

Select A Qualified Contractor

Choosing an experienced roofing contractor with a proven track record is a major key to ensuring safe, secure roofing for your school. Confirm that the contractor is fully licensed and insured and qualified to appropriately select, design, and install a roofing system that’s compatible with the building. This may include a built-up roof system or single-ply roof system for school buildings with low or no slope or composition shingles or clay tiles for sloped roofs.

Your chosen contractor should suggest a high-performance, long-lasting roof system that reduces energy costs while improving indoor air quality and safeguarding the health and safety of students and staff. The contractor should also be able to provide periodic inspections, which are often neglected, resulting in premature roof failure. Any damages found must be repaired quickly to prevent water from penetrating the building or other unsafe conditions.

Safety Is Our Priority

At McDonald & Wetle, we’ve been serving for 98 years and safety is our way of life. From roofing installations to repairs and maintenance, we’re committed to creating a safe environment for our workers and the students and faculty at your school. We understand your school may be in session when you request maintenance, repairs, or a complete replacement. That’s why we do our best to protect students and faculty by observing the highest standards of safety. In-fact, our MOD rate (Employer Modification rate) is the lowest for any roofing contractor and among the lowest for any construction company in the states of Oregon and Washington. Contact our Portland office at 503-667-0175 or our Seattle office at 253-589-8999 to discuss how we confidently provide safe, secure school roofing.