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Worker On Roof

Your Commercial Roof’s Relationship with Energy Savings

Worker On Roof

Worker On Roof

The roof affects your building’s energy efficiency more than you might realize. With its large surface area and exposure to the elements, the roof has a large impact on your energy bills every month. With this in mind, there is major savings potential here. By upgrading to energy-efficient roofing, you can cut back on building costs and enjoy other benefits, as well. If you’re interested in learning more about the relationship between roofing and energy consumption, get in touch with the commercial roofing experts at McDonald & Wetle.

Damaged Roofing Leads to Sky-High Energy Costs

If your building is in a climate where the temperature changes often, you will likely be running your air conditioning and heating systems a lot. For these systems to be effective, the air they produce cannot be wasted by escaping into the atmosphere. Conversely, air from the outside should not be able to enter the building and force your heating or cooling system to work extra hard. But, this can happen easily if your roof is damaged with holes and tears. Make sure you check out the condition of your roof if you have safe access and see if there is any damage that needs repair. Having consistent maintenance on the roof will maintain the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems and reduce your monthly bills.

Roofing Material Matters for Energy Consumption

Another factor that has a large impact on your roof’s energy efficiency is the material. Some materials absorb the sun’s rays more, bringing excess heat into the building and putting more pressure on the air conditioning system. On the other hand, some roofing materials are optimized with insulation to help your HVAC regulate interior temperature better. Slate tile roofing from McDonald & Wetle is one of those materials. These tiles have insulating qualities and come in a variety of colors and textures so you can choose a style that reflects the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them. Another added benefit of slate tiles is durability. Slate tiles are expected to last 100 years or more with very little maintenance required. As you can see, with higher quality comes higher efficiency.

For Max Energy Efficiency, Solar Panels Are Best

Choosing the right type of building material and keeping it well maintained can do wonders for your energy efficiency. But you can take it to the next level by equipping the roof to produce your own energy. Solar roofing functions like typical roofing, but also captures solar energy and converts it to electricity that can be used by the building. This way, you can slash your energy bills and make your building more self-sustainable overall.

Plus, solar panels are durable and resistant to weather so that they can be used in virtually all types of climates. Installation is flexible, too, as the panels do not have to cover the entirety of the roof. Consult with an experienced installer to find out how many panels you need to convert enough electricity for your building. Then, select standard energy-efficient roof tiles to cover the remainder of the building.

Improve Your Roof

At McDonald & Wetle, we make it easy to achieve more energy-efficient roofing. Whether you want to have solar panels installed or you just need a few holes repaired, McDonald & Wetle can provide quality service to ensure the long-term health and efficiency of your roof. Serving the Pacific Northwest for almost a century, we’ve helped businesses all around the Seattle and Portland metro areas. Contact the office nearest you to see how our services can help you save today.


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