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McDonald & Wetle employees install roofing material on a commercial buildingMany commercial buildings have a low slope, so your roofing system must contain layers to ensure water resistance, strength and stability. Your building’s size, shape, age and design help determine the type of commercial roofing system to use. McDonald & Wetle offers numerous roofing systems suitable for a variety of commercial applications regardless of the size or complexity of your project.

Built-Up Roofing (BUR)

A traditional BUR system uses multiple layers of industrial fabric, felt or paper applied with hot asphalt or coal tar for waterproofing and are surfaced with various materials, such as gravel or crushed stone. BUR systems are suitable for most low-slope commercial roofing applications with a life expectancy that increases with each additional layer of quality materials.

Modified Built-Up Roofing

Also known as Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems, modified BUR systems offer thicker membranes for redundancy and leak-free installation. Plus, they’re abrasion-, puncture- and hail-resistant and have favorable wind uplift and fire resistance. They also offer superb reflectivity that keeps your roof, and therefore your building, cooler.

Single-ply Roofing

Single-ply systems are a fantastic choice for keeping energy costs to a minimum by reflecting 85 percent of the sun. They also have excellent waterproofing abilities and resist high winds and hail. These systems are fast and easy to install and use a rubber EPDM, TPO or PVC roof membrane.

Composition Roofing

Composition roofing materials feature a fiberglass reinforcing mat to help make them waterproof. These materials can include three-tab, laminate or architectural shingles. These systems are highly durable and come in an array of colors, styles and textures.

Slate/Tile Roofing

Natural slate and tile roofs are beautiful, durable and long-lasting options that can withstand some of the harshest conditions and have excellent insulation qualities that reduce heating and cooling costs. They’re fire- and pest-resistant and nearly maintenance-free.

Eco Green Roofing

Often referred to as “living roofs,” green commercial roofs have seen a surge in popularity, because they increase biodiversity, improve storm water management and add beauty and value to your building while reducing heating and cooling costs. They’re built by installing a waterproofing membrane that’s covered in soil, then vegetation.

No matter your commercial roofing needs, our roofing experts can help Portland area business owners find the best system to fit their needs and budget. We guarantee all our work and carefully explain all your options. Give us a call at 503-667-0175 for a quote today!

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