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Commercial roof systems are designed to last for long. However, they can still develop problems during their life span. Problems can arise due to poor maintenance, incorrect designing or poor installation. When these problems occur, it is important to repair them as fast as possible before they degenerate into bigger problems. Commercial roof repairs can be done in various ways depending on the level of damage as well as your individual preferences. In this regard, it is advisable to consult an expert to help you pick the option that suits your repair needs. Below are the options available when repairing a commercial roof.


This option is best suited for a roof that is still in a good condition although you are seeking to protect it from leaks or even extend its usable lifespan. It is the cheapest of all other repair options. The coating reflects heat and UV rays away from the house which promotes energy saving and keeps the building insulated.


This option is mainly used when the problem is minor and easy to repair. Restoration extends the life of the roof and helps prevent catastrophic roof failures which may be very costly to correct. Restoration is considered cheap in comparison to recovering and full replacement.


In some situations, the roof is still in good condition although its membranes have reached their peak usage. In such a situation, repair may not solve the problem and replacement may be unnecessary. The best option is to recover the roofing. Unfortunately, you can only recover your roof once. The upside is that this option is that it is cheaper than full replacement and it comes with an extended warranty.

Full Replacement

Most commercial roofing materials require regular maintenance. Failure to do so can lead to extensive damages that are beyond repair. In such a situation, the recommended option is to replace your entire roof. However, full replacement is the most expensive of all options. The upside is that you get a brand new modern roof which also raises the value of the building.

Commercial roof repairs are critical undertakings that demand hiring experts who have a vast knowledge in this field. At McDonaldWettle, we have a full-service team of roofing experts, ready to help you fix your roof once and for all. We have installed just about every system possible in our 90 years of operations. To learn more about our offerings, contact our Seattle or Portland offices today.

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