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Damaged RoofA quality commercial roof system should provide years of reliable performance. At the same time, due to constant exposure to the elements and other unpredictable factors, repairs may be needed to keep your roof in good condition. Learn more about common roof problems to be on the lookout for, and contact McDonald & Wetle for quality commercial roof repairs in the greater Portland and Seattle areas.

Water Damage

Leaks are a telltale sign that repairs are needed. Leaks have many causes, from aging materials to poor adhesion and cracks that develop over time. Another indicator repairs are needed is puddles of standing water on the rooftop itself, often the result of improper drainage, poor design or debris build-up. If left unattended, both of these minor issues could turn into major problems, as rotting, mold and indoor water infiltration are inevitable. Before you’re forced to replace the entire roof, our team can reinforce the seal, eliminate unnecessary seams and smooth the surface to allow efficient moisture runoff.

Thermal Shock

One of the most common culprits behind roof shrinkage and cracking, thermal shock refers to damage caused by extended UV exposure. Thermal shock can cause the roof to expand in hotter weather and contract in cooler temperatures. The result? Loosened flashing and an increase in exposed seams. If you’ve noticed any cracks or changes in the appearance of your roof, contact a trusted commercial roof repair service right away to assess the damage and make the necessary repairs.

Wind Uplift

Strong winds have the potential to cause serious damage to your roof. Yet ongoing pressure changes within your facility can interact with outside gales, causing a more subtle, but still serious problem – wind uplift. Wind uplift can loosen roofing materials and seals, causing the potential for moisture infiltration, pests and drafts, along with a host of other problems. A commercial roof repair technician can adjust loose flashing and materials, seal improperly cured seams and use additional fasteners as needed to address existing problems and help prevent future damage.

Oregon and Washington Commercial Roof Repair

If you’ve noticed any of these commercial roof problems at your place of business, contact McDonald & Wetle in the Portland or Seattle metro area today. Our highly trained team will assess the condition of your roof and perform any necessary repairs to restore it to optimal condition.

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