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HVAC units work by absorbing warm interior air and releasing it outdoors. As the warm air meets the coolness of the evaporator coil, the natural process of condensation causes water drops to form on the exterior of the coil.

A pan sits below the coil to capture the drops, allowing them to pass through a hole and drain outside. Without proper maintenance of the HVAC condensation pan, water eventually backs up, causing problems such as leaks, electrical shorts, and mold infestation.

Don’t wait until a small problem becomes a huge one. Use these tips to maintain your HVAC unit’s condensation tray.

Flush Condensate Drain Line

Dust, impurities and other particulates can accumulate in the drain line, causing the water flow to slow down or stop completely. The line should be flushed regularly to prevent build-up.

Check for Rust

Some older metal pans can become corroded, resulting in rust flaking off and becoming embedded in the drain line. Newer trays are made of stainless steel and other materials that resist corrosion.

Clean the Evaporator Coil

The outside of the evaporator coil can become covered with debris that reduces the HVAC unit’s cooling effectiveness. These particles also get carried into the condensation tray along with the water droplets. Use a commercial coil cleaner and brush to keep the coil clean.

Check Tray Alignment

The condensation tray can sometimes get knocked out of its proper placement, resulting in more rapid filling or overflow. Our trained technicians can readjust the tray to its correct alignment in no time.

Install a Float Switch or Flood Detector

Unfortunately, you may not be aware of problems with the condensation tray until the damage is already done. HVAC float switches and flood detectors are triggered by excess water levels and shut down the system before damage occurs.

Water may be a great way to cool off, but when it comes from your HVAC unit, it means nothing but trouble. Keep your building cool and dry by following these tips for maintaining the HVAC condensation tray in fully functioning shape.

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