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Taking care of your commercial roof should be high on your list of maintenance priorities. Your roof protects your business from the elements and has a huge impact on your property’s curb appeal. A roof in bad condition reflects poorly on the reputation of your business. To keep your roof in good shape, you should follow this commercial roof maintenance checklist:

  • Inspect the interior — You regularly should check your interior for signs of roof damage, such as water stains, leaks, drips, mildew and mold. It’s worth noting that leaks can travel sideways, which means any leaks or water stains that are present are not always the result of damage directly above. If these signs are spotted, you should schedule an inspection right away. Leaks can result in serious structural damage as well as water damage to your equipment or products.
  • Clean the roof — The roof should be periodically cleaned. When dirt and debris collect on the roof, it makes your property look unkempt and can cause numerous issues. For example, buildup of debris can clog your roof drains and cause the surface of your roof to decay prematurely.
  • Inspect the roof for damage — Whether your commercial roof is flat or sloped, it should be regularly inspected for damage. Sloped roofs should be inspected for damaged or missing tiles as well as damaged flashings and expansion joints. Metal roofs should be inspected for loose or damaged panels and corrosion. If you have a flat roof, look for standing water, which often indicates that the roof is sagging.
  • Inspect the gutter system — If you have a gutter system, make sure it’s cleaned out to avoid any clogs. You also should make sure it’s properly attached to the roof and not pulling away from it.

Following this checklist will help you keep your commercial roof in good condition and ensure your property looks its best. The best way to ensure your commercial roof stays in good shape is to hire a professional roof contractor. To schedule a commercial roof maintenance service in Seattle or Portland, contact us at McDonald & Wetle today.

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