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Condensation prevention is necessary for commercial and residential buildings in the damp Pacific Northwest. The Metro Portland I-5 corridor, Tacoma, Seattle and most areas of Puget Sound need special roofing solutions to keep unwanted interior moisture and condensation under control.

Too much moisture will cause rot on the roof support joists and other wooden supports of a building. The roof must be secure and constructed to allow good air flow with the heating and cooling systems. The right ventilation, insulation and design will allow the HVAC system to work at maximum efficiency without a build-up of unnecessary moisture in different types of buildings.

The firm of McDonald & Wetle, headquartered in Portland, constructs roofs for commercial, industrial, residential, educational and government buildings using the latest technology to allow maximum insulation and air flow to prevent condensation.

The company specializes in roofing solutions that include:

  • Single Ply materials
  • Built-up and modified built-up shingles
  • Composition roofs
  • Slate and tile roofs
  • Eco roofs
  • Solar additions

Condensation Causes and Control

Warmed, moist air in buildings condenses when it comes into contact with cooler roof assemblies. The vapor condenses into water drops that can drip and build up in puddles in the attic spaces and seep into ceilings.

HVAC systems in commercial and multi-family residential buildings have large condensate pans to catch water from the cooling coils. But moisture can build up in other areas under a roof that is not properly insulated and does not offer good air flow. Commercial building roofs are usually insulated with some type of polystyrene material to hold in heat and cooled air.

Industrial and commercial buildings need special insulation with industrial blowers and dehumidifiers often used under the roof for condensation prevention. Blower motor vents are often found on roof tops of commercial buildings.

Eco Roofs

The latest trend in urban roofing is the green roof. This style is popular in the Portland and Seattle-Tacoma metro areas where high-rise buildings are prevalent and growing space is limited. McDonald & Wetle has designed and built green roofs for several residential buildings, hospitals and educational institutions in the Pacific Northwest.

Eco roofs need water for the plants to grow. Nature usually cooperates in the rainy Pacific Northwest. The roofs were custom designed for good water runoff and condensation prevention in the underlayment.

Contact McDonald & Wetle for more information on the latest roofing solutions for new construction and renovations.

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